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In these days of ubiquitous networking, everything is getting more connected all the time. I find this innervation alternately intimidating and inspiring. On this page, I'd like to call your attention to a number of sites that I recommend visiting. Some are pages of artists I felt worth mentioning, and others are industry sites that you might find informative and/or useful. If you think your site should be listed here, please feel free to send a note to Happy surfing! Warm regards, Joe

Recommended Links

The following links are provided for your surfing pleasure. If you happen upon a broken link, or wish to suggest a site for inclusion, please send a note to


Algebra Suicide - Musician Don Hedeker creates the swirling and moody atmospheric foundation for the acerbic yet playful words of poet Lydia Tomkiw in a unique sound that, according to Trouser Press, "flirted with pop forms and occasionally shared stylistic ground with both Laurie Anderson and the Velvet Underground but never wavered from its own individual path." See also the Polkaholics.

Area - Area began in 1985 when Steve Jones asked Lynn Canfield and Henry Frayne to participate in a recording project. From there the trio recorded four or five albums, and went on extended leave in 1990.

The Arms of Someone New - The Arms of Someone New formed in 1983 when Mel Eberle and Steve Jones almost coincidentally started making music alongside Mel's recording and writing for his band The First Things.

Lynn Canfield - Manifestly creative and charismatic, Lynn Canfield has been a key band member of numerous musical projects, including ¡Ack-Ack!, Judy Gang, Area, Moon Seven Times, Shotgun Wedding, Hot Tub Party, and The Brat Pack. See also Lynn's MySpace site.

The Chicago Punk Database - This Wiki site focuses upon the pre-1990 Chicago punk scene, which of course includes the amazing Chicago post punk original band The Imports.

Chicago Punk Pix - Marie Kanger-Born's contribution to the documentation of Chicago's punk rock scene, past and present. The site includes photos, fanzines, and flyers, as well as a discussion forum. An amazing wealth of information!

Dennis Culver - Dennis Culver is a painter and musician living and working in New Mexico. Inspired by the beauty of the landscape around him, and the depth of its history as a stage for the play of human drama, Dennis' work ranges from the real to the surreal.

The Embarrassment - The official web site of the "greatest rock and roll group you never heard of". The embarrassment formed in Wichita, Kansas in 1979, and coined the phrase "Blister Pop" to describe their music. See also their MySpace site.

Brendan Gamble - Brendan Gamble's impressive talent knows few boundaries, if any. The list of his musical projects includes ¡Ack-Ack!, Sylvia Darling, Poster Children, Stark, The Moon Seven Times, Shotgun Wedding, and Pop Rocks, as well as his outstanding solo work. See also Brendan's link on Mud Records.

Hot Tub Party - When Shotgun Wedding disbanded, Lynn Canfield continued writing and touring in Lynn Canfield & Hot Tub Party.

Lanterna - After The Moon Seven Times disbanded, Henry Frayne (god of "love guitar") continued his signature textural guitar style with Lanterna, releasing a number of exquisite records on Parasol, Rykodisk, and Badman. See also Henry's MySpace site.

Local Infinities - Local Infinities Visual Theater, is a Not-for-Profit, Chicago based theater company dedicated to creating original performance work that fuses the innovation & daring of performance art with the narrative thrust of traditional theatrical forms.

Lonely Trailer - Comprising Tim Stephens, Brian Reedy, and T. J. Harrison, Lonely Trailer is an amazing alternative rock power trio whose sweet harmonies, enigmatic lyrics, and complex time signatures infuse seven full-length releases.

Moon Seven Times - After Area went on extended leave in 1990, Lynn Canfield and Henry Frayne formed another band, Moon Seven Times, with additional members Brendan Gamble and Don Gerard. Moon Seven Times recorded three albums, released on Third Mind and Road Runner, before calling it quits in 1997. See also their MySpace site.

Polkaholics - "Hot as grilled kielbasa. Crunchy as a potato pancake. The Polkaholics are a Chicago band that plays a high-speed collision of polka and rock 'n' roll." This blend of style and culture features the inimitable Don Hedeker of Algebra Suicide frame. See also their MySpace site.

Sharky's Machine - Formerly known as Killdozer, until a Wisconsin band came out with the same name, Sharky's Machine was "an important post-punk-proto-grunge band" hailing from New York City. Sharky's Machine included Jim Schuermann (vocals), Alec Dale (guitar), Toni Ostrow (bass), and Mike Edison (drums).

Shotgun Wedding - After Moon Seven Times ended in 1998, Lynn Canfield formed another band, Shotgun Wedding, with Brendan Gamble, Brian Wilkie, Rob Arrol, and Todd Fletcher, releasing the album "Big World of Fun".

Industry - is an online retailer where available Dansbane Eländet alternative titles may be purchased.

Bebo - Bebo is the third most popular social networking service, behind MySpace and Facebook, where members can connect with friends and discover new interests. - The Internet arm of Billboard magazine, the world's premier music publication, is the source for weekly charts for U.S. sales, airplay, downloads and box office grosses. - is an online retailer where available Dansbane Eländet alternative and acoustic rock titles may be purchased.

BMI - BMI is an American performing rights organization that represents more than 300,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music.

Buzznet - Buzznet is yet another social networking site, describing itself as "a vibrant social media destination", hoping to distinguish itself from its main competitors by "enabling Web users to program dynamic multimedia communities around the music and pop culture topics they are most passionate about."

CD Baby - CD Baby is an online retailer where available Dansbane Eländet alternative titles may be purchased. This site includes MP3 song samples! - CDNOW is an online retailer where available Dansbane Eländet alternative titles may be purchased.

CD Universe - CD Universe is an online retailer where available Dansbane Eländet alternative titles may be purchased. - United States Copyright Office. - Dansbane Eländet is an independent record label specializing in alternative pop, and featuring the music of Joe Strell.

DigStation - DigStation is an online retailer where available Dansbane Eländet alternative titles may be purchased.

FaceBook - FaceBook is a social networking site, enabling users to share photos, videos, and even music (via handy links with iLike). - is a music site operated by iLike, inc, which allows musicians to upload songs and have them reviewed by an audience of their peers. In order to be eligible to enter a song for review, one must personally review fifteen pairs of songs by other artists, providing feedback on such areas as composition, arrangement, and production. Cool, huh? - (i.e. "Independent Artists Company") is a social networking site that allows music artists to upload songs, share photos, create internet radio stations, etc. - is a social network based upon the sharing of musical tastes. According to its own press, iLike is the Web's leading social music discovery service and the dominant music application on Facebook.

The Indie Bible - The "all-in-one" resource for recording artists...

London Net Studio - London Net Studio builds stunning and effective web sites, collaborating with designers and clients to identify the most appropriate technologies for online communication.

John F Mello - John F Mello is a "luthier" of northern California who builds and restores instruments to create a broad tonal palette and wide dynamic range that both project well and respond sensitively to the mature player's varied touch.

MySpace - MySpace ... How could one possibly describe this social networking phenomenon in twenty-five words or less? Essentially, MySpace in an online community where friends meet to share music and other networking interests. C'mon, be my friend!

No Pigeonholes - No Pigeonholes is Don Campau's eclectic showcase on KKUP, 91.5FM in Cupertino, California, which broadcasts throughout the south San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas. No Pigeonholes is "a radio program of underground, independent, small studio and home recorded music in all styles." In addition to coming to you across conventional airwaves, No Pigeonholes also streams 24/7 at and is podcast by Radio Marabu in Europe. Looking to make friends? Visit No Pigeonholes in MySpace! Rock on, Don! The podcast of the 8/24/08 show featuring Joe Strell may be found at

Oasis CD Manufacturing - Oasis CD Manufacturing is a CD and DVD manufacturing company serving independent musicians, filmmakers and labels.

Parasol Records - Urbana-Champaign, Illinois-based Parasol Records and associated labels (Mud, Spur, Hidden Agenda, Galaxy Gramophone, and Reaction) were a natural outgrowth of Parasol Mail Order, which opened its mailbox in 1991 and is considered the premier US mail order for independent pop music. - is an online retailer where available Dansbane Eländet alternative titles may be purchased.

Projekt - Projekt is America's premier independent label specializing in passionately intense music in the goth, ethereal, shoegazer, ambient, darkwave and dark cabaret genres. Releases include back catalog items from The Arms of Someone New and Area. - is an online retailer where available Dansbane Eländet alternative titles may be purchased. - is an online retailer where available Dansbane Eländet alternative titles may be purchased.


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