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Joe Strell

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In the Balance (2007)

Basic Info

Artist: Joe Strell
: In the Balance
Published: 2007 Satsuko (BMI)
Label: Dansbane Elandet
Catalog: DEI-CAT-0003


In the Balance comprises fourteen tracks that showcase a range of alternative pop styles. Some tracks lavishly resound with multi-part harmonies and complex arrangements, while others strip down to a stark minimalism, attaining a delicate intimacy that lingers like the sting of love lost. These songs take the listener upon an intensely personal musical journey with the meaning of love and life held in the balance.


Everything exists in relation to everything else. A balance is achieved of its own accord. We may upset this balance temporarily, but the system settles into a new equilibrium. What matters is not so much where we weigh-in on the important questions--for there are a myriad valid answers--but that we bother to ask them in the first place. As Socrates said in Plato's Apology of Socrates, "The unexamined life is not worth living for man." What lies in the balance of this examination is our hope for the future and our faith in the past, both extending from the fulcrum that is now. Which way do you lean?

Track List

Click on the following links to see the lyrics:

  1. at least (at last)
  2. she smiles
  3. flowers from a previous arrangement
  4. shoreline of heaven
  5. waiting on a lifetime
  6. what sadder thing
  7. distant blue
  8. mood (clown noire)
  9. if only it would rain
  10. a subtle breeze
  11. making senseless
  12. take this time
  13. your turn
  14. a lament for love (empathy)


The following persons directly participated in the production of this album:

  • Joe Strell - vocals, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, dulcimer, bass, percussion, drums
  • Marie Jacobsen - harmonica on "distant blue "
  • Meghan Strell - duet vocals on "your turn"
  • Jack Lenzo - art direction, design and photography


In Memoriam Carl Lenzo (1937-2007) & Peter Gillespie (1966-2007).

Thanks to Marie Jacobsen, Carolyn Sobczak, Peter Strell, Terry Lenzo, Constance Strell, Stephanie Strell, Tristan Henderson Strell, Rick Henderson, Meghan Strell, John Musial, Andrea & Peter Jansky, John Lockrem, Nathan Lockrem, Edward (ìJakeî) Jacobsen, Margie Jacobsen, Jeff London, Dave Rottenberg, Pat Lyman, Greg Reber, Matt Turley, Alan Strong, John Paul Turnage, Doug Taggart, Paul Wiley, Val Hall, Lynn Canfield, Henry Frayne, Brendan Gamble, Tim Stephens, Brian Reedy, Leo Krug, Kathy Krug, Robert Krug, Tom Brashers-Krug, Ben Krug, John Krug, Tom Wall, and Alec Dale.


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