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Joe Strell

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Enormous Morning (2006)

Basic Info

Artist: Joe Strell
: Enormous Morning
Published: 2006 Satsuko (BMI)
Label: Dansbane Elandet
Catalog: DEI-CAT-0002


Ever awake to the light of a dawn impossible to reconcile with the ponderous memory of yesterday? These songs capture the fragile, yet optimistic hope that maybe life isn't as futile as it might seem. The lyrical intensity provides a grounded counterpoint to the melodic blend of guitars, mandolin, and ukulele in an alternative acoustic rock album of catchy yet contemplative gems. Some tracks are lavish productions with multi-part harmonies and complex arrangements, while others strive for a stark minimalism that strips pop music to its bare bones, but all share an essential appeal that comes from a sincere effort to communicate something important.


I found the name for this album in a line of a poem called 'Five Flights Up' by Elizabeth Bishop. For me, Enormous Morning expresses the puzzling epiphany that life can continue after great tragedy. It's a new day, and although the memory of the past is nearly overwhelming, there can be hope.

Track List

Click on the following links to see the lyrics:

  1. art of existence
  2. hole in my shoe
  3. ashley on her own
  4. molly's song
  5. end of the world
  6. girl of the farallones
  7. legacy
  8. somewhere, i've tried
  9. space and time
  10. on the mark
  11. twenty-three
  12. when i fall
  13. again


The following persons directly participated in the production of this album:

  • Joe Strell - vocals, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, bass, percussion, drums
  • Marie Jacobsen - harmonica on "end of the world", backing vocals on "twenty-three"
  • Jack Lenzo - art direction, design and photography


Thanks to Marie Jacobsen, Peter Strell, Terry Lenzo, Constance Strell, Meghan Strell, John Musial, Andrea & Peter Jansky, Nathan Lockrem, Edward (ìJakeî) Jacobsen, Margie Jacobsen, Jeff London, Dave Rottenberg, Pat Lyman, Greg Reber, Matt Turley, Alan Strong, John Paul Turnage, Doug Taggart, Paul Wiley, Doug Pelton, Dianne (ì2Nsî) Armstrong, Val Hall, Lynn Canfield, Henry Frayne, Brendan Gamble, Tim Stephens, Brian Reedy, Leo Krug, Kathy Krug, Robert Krug, Tom Krug, Ben Krug, John Krug, Tom Wall, and Alec Dale.

Special thanks to John F. Mello, Luthier, for restoring the first guitar I ever played.


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