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Joe Strell

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Dissonant Bridge (2008)

Basic Info

Artist: Joe Strell
: Dissonant Bridge
Published: 2008 Satsuko (BMI)
Label: Dansbane Elandet
Catalog: DEI-CAT0004


Although I certainly like what I have done on my previous CDs, it came to my attention that the songs collected on these albums are pretty different from the majority of music to which I typically listen (see my influences page for examples). Inspired by this observation, the songs I am writing for my next release (Bobo Dog Ocean) constitute a dramatic departure in style. Although retaining a strong acoustic bent, the songs are louder, faster, more dissonant, more rock and roll... In other words, more "edgy". But this change leaves something of a gap between the old and the new. In revisiting the mixes of a number of songs from my first three CDs, my intention was to create a "dissonant bridge" between the earlier recordings and what I am working on now, a sort of musical link between the past and the future that reflects my present sensibility.


The term "edgy" gets bandied about a lot these days, which begs the question of what edgy means, exactly. In response to this question, I came up with about a dozen attribute pairs that conveyed some of the various dimensions of what constitutes edgy, at least when the term is applied to music. ("The quality of edgy is not strained.") For example, faster is more edgy than slower. Louder is more edgy than softer. Atonal is more edgy than melodic. Distorted is more edgy than clean. Spontaneous is more edgy than rehearsed. And so on.

Track List

Click the song title links to download alternate mixes of songs from Joe Strell's CDs:

  1. As I Do (Alternate Mix) - Under a Mackerel Sky *
  2. Art of Existence (Alternate Mix) - Enormous Morning *
  3. Legacy (Alternate Mix) - Enormous Morning
  4. Wanted (Alternate Mix) - Under a Mackerel Sky *
  5. I Might Have Guessed (Alternate Mix) - Under a Mackerel Sky *
  6. Somewhere, I've Tried (Alternate Mix) - Enormous Morning *
  7. Frantic (Alternate Mix) - Under a Mackerel Sky *
  8. She Smiles (Alternate Mix) - In the Balance
  9. What Sadder Thing (Alternate Mix) - In the Balance
  10. At Least (At Last) (Alternate Mix) - In the Balance
  11. I Love New York (Alternate Mix) - Under a Mackerel Sky *
  12. When I Fall (Alternate Mix) - Enormous Morning *
  13. Waiting on a Lifetime (Alternate Mix) - In the Balance *

* Featured on Don Campau's "No Pigeonholes" show on Santa Clara's KKUP (91.5 FM), Sunday, August 24, 2008. The podcast of this show may be found at


The following persons directly participated in the production of this album:

  • Joe Strell - vocals, guitar, keyboards, mandolin, ukulele, bass, percussion, drums


Thanks to Marie Jacobsen, Peter Strell, Terry Lenzo, Constance Strell, Meghan Strell, John Musial, Andrea & Peter Jansky, Nathan Lockrem, Edward ("Jake") Jacobsen, Margie Jacobsen, Dave Rottenberg, Jeff London, Pat Lyman, Doug Pelton, Greg Reber, Matt Turley, Doug Taggart, Paul Wiley, Don Campau, Val Hall, Lynn Canfield, Henry Frayne, Brendan Gamble, Tim Stephens, Brian Reedy, Leo Krug, Kathy Krug, Robert Krug, Tom Krug, Ben Krug, John Krug, Tom Wall, and Alec Dale.


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