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Joe Strell

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Discovery (2010)

Basic Info

Artist: Joe Strell
: Discovery
Published: 2010 Satsuko (BMI)
Label: Dansbane Elandet
Catalog: DEI-CAT 0005


"Where is the sense in knowing?" And yet (and yet) we continue to strive for an understanding of ourselves and the world in which we struggle. It's what we do. Loud and fast, this collection of songs helps us "twirl through vacant after hours" in search of meaning, perchance to dream, possibly to discover a self we thought we had lost when we weren't looking. It happens.


The paths we walk vary widely from day to day. We wander down ways that turn upon us, lead nowhere, distract us from our ultiimate goal. But sometimes these essays into reality open doors, break new ground, lead us on journeys of discovery. Accidents happen. Things change. There is always something yet to learn, to experience. Always somthing new to behold around the next corner. Embark upon a voyage of discovery. Keep moving!

Track List

Click the song title links to download alternate mixes of songs from Joe Strell's CDs:

  1. Where To...?
  2. Only You
  3. As I Do (Alternate Mix)
  4. Art of Existence (Alternate Mix)
  5. At Least (At Last) (Alternate Mix)


The following persons directly participated in the production of this album:

  • Joe Strell - vocals, guitar, keyboards, mandolin, ukulele, bass, percussion, drums


Thanks to Gail Feldman, Peter Strell, Terry Lenzo, Jack Lenzo, Constance Strell, Meghan Strell, John Musial, Andrea & Peter Jansky, Nathan Lockrem, Edward ("Jake") Jacobsen, Marie Jacobsen, Margie Jacobsen, Dave Rottenberg, Jeff London, Pat Lyman, Farah Moaven, Doug Pelton, Greg Reber, Marshall Richman, Matt Turley, Doug Taggart, Paul Wiley, Don Campau, Val Hall, Lynn Canfield, Henry Frayne, Brendan Gamble, Tim Stephens, Brian Reedy, Leo Krug, Kathy Krug, Robert Krug, Tom Krug, Ben Krug, John Krug, Tom Wall, and Alec Dale.


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