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About Dansbane Eländet...

Dansbane Eländet is an indie record label specializing in recording, producing, and publishing alternative music since 1986. Our current artist roster includes Joe Strell, Split Heavens, and The Imports. We have also produced and/or engineered recordings by Lonely Trailer, Club Crack, Jake, and Sylvia Darling. Available Dansbane Eländet titles may be found online at numerous locations, including the following: iTunes CD Baby





The Role of the Outsider in Contemporary Music

All music is noise to someone, and the phrase dansbane eländet was a pejorative epithet meaning "dance hall calamity" that was used in Sweden in reference to the raucous Big Band sound of the 1940's. Suspicious regard for novelty has been a constant theme through the years, evident in the mainstream reaction of the day against the aloofness of Jazz, the scandal of Rock and Roll, the immorality of Psychedelia, the glitz of Glam, the rebellion of Punk, the synthetic of New Wave, the doom of Goth, the wrath of Grunge, and the innovation of the many styles that constitute today's "Alternative Music" scene.

What might not be as obvious is the critical role that the anti-structural "outsider" paradoxically plays in society.

By stepping outside the boundaries of the prevailing social structure, the outsider gains a perspective that enables society to perceive itself more clearly, or at least differently. The insight thus gained allows society to adapt in ways that improves its chances for long-term survival. Through its focus on Indie/Alternative music, and in particular that with an "outsider" perspective, Dansbane Eländet hopes to extend the boundaries of musical appreciation in the hopes that by doing so we will all be a little better off.

For more information regarding Dansbane Eländet, please contact us at the following:

Dansbane Eländet, Inc.


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